Should creativity be taught at college?

Creativity is a fascinating subject and one that deserves a lot of your personal development time. It’s estimated that over 70% of the adult population wouldn’t describe themselves as creative, which is absolutely astonishing. Whilst it’s true that some people are more used to thinking creatively than others (and yes, perhaps it comes more naturally to some people), everyone has the ability to apply creative thinking.

Why is creative thinking important?

Throughout your day to day life, whether you’re in work or at home, you will encounter challenges, some small, some large. How you tackle these challenges will largely depend on your personality and your ability to problem solve. Creative thinkers are able to come up with a range of solutions to any problem. This enables them to choose from more solutions and pick the one best suited to the scenario they are facing. For someone who isn’t as creatively minded, they may only think of one solution and it may not be the most effective.
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University of Leicester Open Scholarships for International Students, 2013

Master’s and Undergraduate Scholarships is open for international student at University of Leicester in UK, 2013.

Subject of Study: Available courses in the institution.

Grade level: Scholarship available for Master’s and Undergraduate courses.

Scholarship Provider: University of Leicester.

Scholarship will be taken in: UK

Eligibility: For master’s scholarship – New taught Master’s students on all full-time courses starting in September / October 2013.

For Undergraduate scholarship – New undergraduate students on all courses except Medicine starting in September / October 2013.

Notes and Description of Scholarship:

  1. The Open Scholarship Scheme is only open to applicants already holding an offer to study for a degree programme at the University of Leicester.
  2. Candidates for Open Scholarships must be classified by the University as international students for fees purposes.
  3. For Open Scholarships, candidates must not be in receipt of a full scholarship (tuition fees and living costs) from any other sources. Students may only receive one partial scholarship from the University, whether it is an Open or Departmental scholarship. Students with partial scholarships from other sources will be considered.
  4. Open Scholarships are awarded in the form of a reduction in tuition fees payable.
  5. These scholarships are not available for distance learning students.
Name of Scholarship Eligibility Maximum Number Value Tenure Application Deadline Award Criteria
Open Master’s Scholarship New taught Master’s students on all full-time courses starting in September / October 2013 30 GBP 3,500 One year 31 May 2013 Academic merit
Open Undergraduate Scholarship New undergraduate students on all courses except Medicine starting in September / October 2013 15 GBP 2,500 Each year of full-time study 30 April 2013 Academic merit

Scholarship open for countries: International

Scholarship Type: Financial aid which are awarded in the form of a reduction in tuition fees payable.

Selection Criteria: Academic merit

How to Apply: Apply using the for provided by the provider.

Application Deadline: Master’s Scholarship – 31 May 2013

Undergraduate Scholarship – 30 April 2013

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Wisconsin Hearing or Visually Handicapped Program

A lot of people are unaware of the Wisconsin Hearing/Visually Handicapped Program grant offered by the State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board. This grant is for undergraduate students who are Wisconsin residents who have a profound hearing or visual impairment. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have a financial need. (Financial need is determined by the Financial Aid Administrators at the institution in which the student has enrolled.) Applicants must also have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent, and must be enrolled in at least half-time at an in-state or eligible out-of-state public or independent higher education institution. (This grant is not available to students who are enrolled at for-profit institutions.)

The grant award can range anywhere from $250 up to the maximum of $1,800 per year. There are no deadlines for the grant, however funding for this grant is limited and applicants should apply as soon as possible. Eligible students can receive this grant for up to ten semesters. In order to be considered for this grant because of a visual impairment, the student must have corrected vision of 20/200 or less in the better eye. If the student is applying for this grant because of a hearing impairment, the student must have a hearing loss of 40 decibels or greater in the better ear. The degree of hearing or visual impairment must be certified for first-time applicants.

The certification must be included with the application, and there is a place in the application form for the certification to be completed by a physician or examiner. Otherwise, you can simply include either a current audiogram or eye report. Certification is not required if the student has previously been awarded a grant under this program. Applications for this grant can be obtained from the State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board located here. Completed applications should be submitted to: State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board P.O. Box 7885 Madison, WI 53707-7885 Applicants must also complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Various Athletic Scholarships

There are many good athletes in professional and college sports today. Some of the biggest names in sports are Brett Farve, Kobe Bryant, Eli Manning and so on. Now, imagine if all of those players never made it to the pros. What would happen to professional sports? Why are they in the pros now? To make it into professional sports you need more than just talent. You need opportunity. Athletic scholarships not only give athletes the opportunity to reach the professional ranks, but also give the chance for many players to earn a degree in higher education. Many people dream of being a professional athlete. Some people make it a reality, but how? There is always a process to reach certain goals.

When people think of the process on how to achieve a professional sporting status, people think of doing well in high school first, then earning a college scholarship to give them an edge. After the college status has been achieved, they are ready to take the last step of faith and enter a draft Could they have done it without going to college first? Maybe so but we may never know. Think of it this way, when baking a cake all the ingredients must be put together, then it must be baked. After it’s done baking, the final product is a delicious cake. The cake can’t be complete without it being baked. There can not be a missed step in the process. Could Kobe Bryant have made it to the pros without an athletic scholarship?

An athletic scholarship is a giant step. Along with college scholarships being a step to making it into professional sports, it is also many times the only way for some people to earn a college degree. College is very expensive and can many times run young adults into a large debt once out of college. For example, USC can cost up to $25,000 a year to attend. That includes tuition, books, parking, room, and board. This cost is just too much for most families to bear, making it difficult to get a college education without at least some type of scholarship.

The Stop Hunger Scholarship

The stop hunger scholarship is given out by the Sodexo foundation and can be found on According to Sodexo 49 million people are at risk of hunger and 17 million of them are children. Sodexo is looking for people who have made a significant difference in the past to stop hunger. To qualify for this scholarship you need to have had ongoing commitment and worked unpaid in the last twelve months, an applicant will have a better chance of receiving this scholarship if they have been working toward stopping childhood hunger, but all forms will be accepted. This has to be a voluntary service and you cannot be helping family members out, you need to be helping those you do not know.

You must be at least 21 years of age, and you cannot be a parent filling this out for your child, and you cannot be an employee of Sodexo. You will need to have a community service recommendation filled out by the program that you are working for and this needs to be turned in by February 25st 2011 This scholarship is worth $5000.00, you need to make sure you fill out the form completely; any forms filled out with missing information will be tossed and will not be considered for this scholarship. Each student who received this scholarship will also receive a grant for $5000.00 that will go to a hunger related charity of their choice. If you are not chosen for this scholarship, you have the chance to win a regional prize which is $1000.00 grant that will go to a hunger related charity of your choice.

To apply for this scholarship you need to go to Sodexo’s website and fill out all the necessary information, also making sure you have the recommendation from the program that you have been working for. They recommend that you keep a copy for yourself for records that you have filled this out if there are any questions that come from this. All applications must be turned in by February 18th 2011 and you need your community recommendations in by February 25th 2011, they will not accept any late applications or recommendations.

The NASA JOVE Scholarship

The NASA JOVE easy scholarship, though a meager $500/semester, is a surefire resume-booster with numerous advantages to undergraduate students in the physical sciences and mathematics at participating universities. To be eligible, students must major in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, or astronomy and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Benefits include experience performing independent research in real unsolved problems, and experience in the same type of guided research to be performed later in graduate programs. NASA JOVE (JOint VEnture) scholars are awarded 1 credit hour per semester for a Special Topics in Space Science course during their first year.

Twice per semester, near the beginning and end, students are allotted 15 minutes to present their problem and work to other students in the Space Science class and professors who advise student researchers. One additional requirement is that students include a Space Science concentration in their degree, which in turn requires an additional course depending upon the student’s major. For physics and mathematics, the course requires is Introduction to Astrophysics. NASA JOVE students are selected by faculty, but a student who meets the requirements may request to join. Research performed in this program is normally acceptable as an undergraduate thesis, provided the student’s findings are original and of sufficient breadth and scope.

Students who take part in solving their assigned problem or contributing significantly to their assigned topic are credited for their work, so this program affords students the opportunity to work as honest-to-goodness scientists as they develop skills to be used throughout their career. Be wary, prospective NASA JOVE scholars, as future employers might not believe you when you inform them of your background in NASA research. Be sure to have professors write a letter to verify your involvement with the program or its power resume-boosting benefit may not be yours to claim. Remember that you will be doing REAL scientific WORK — this is not the same as a class assignment, and it can require a real commitment. Maintain scientific integrity, and above all, HAVE FUN!

The Masdar Institute Graduate Scholarship

The Masdar Institute Graduate Scholarship offers full financial support to post-graduate (Masters and PhD) students in science and engineering disciplines. This research institute is a not-for-profit organization, partly supported by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The scholarship is available to all successful applicants of the Masdar Institute and covers all expenses including entire tuition fees for the duration of the program, insurance, accommodation, air travel costs, living expenses and more. The institute has been accepting students into their green and sustainable campus since 2009.

Application to the institute is open to all nationalities where the students have an undergraduate degree in science, engineering, or information technology as well as a minimum CGPA of 3.0 plus minimum GRE Test score of 700. The classes are held in English, so students who are not native English speakers have to also obtain an international TOEFL score of 91 (IBT) or academic IELTS score of 6.5. In addition to the full scholarship, the institute also reimburses the TOEFL and GRE exam fees after registration. The Masdar Institute’s post-graduate and fellowship programs run from September to May. Applications are accepted from end of October through till May, but the process may close early if all open slots are filled up. To apply for the program and the scholarship, the online application process requires scanned copies undergraduate/graduate transcripts, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS score, a 400-1000 word statement of objectives, passport sized photograph in jpeg format as well as contact details of 3 references.

After acceptance, the student will have to do a minimum of 2 research projects, register for a minimum of 9 credits and maintain their CGPA standing to keep their scholarship and student status. To get further information about the Masdar Institute Graduate Scholarship, fill out the Request Form for a Student Relations Officer to contact you Here.

The Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship

Have you made a difference in someone’s life lately? The Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship is rewarded to students age 6-18 who has volunteered in the 12 months. Students cannot be high school graduates any later than March 15, 2011. This scholarship is for students who go above and beyond to help others. There are many prizes available to those who apply for this reward, including over 2100 $50 Kohl’s gift cards, 200 $1,000 scholarships to regional winners, and 10 $9,000 scholarships for National winners. Scholarship awards must be used for educational expenses at a qualifying educational institution. This can include tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and other educational related expenses that may occur.

These awards are not renewable. There are two age groups to compete in, students aged 6-12 and students aged 13-18. Students must be nominated by someone age 21 or older (this can include parents and Kohl’s employees). Multiple nominations are not accepted. To apply for this scholarship, simply go to to fill out the nomination form after January 11, 2011 to fill out the 2011 Scholarship form. Once on the website, click on the “Nominate” section. After reading and agreeing to the consent form, the nominator must register themselves as a nominator. You will need to have an email you check regularly, as they will email all information and winners announcement to the email account of the nominator. No mailed or faxed forms will be accepted.

Interested in this easy scholarship? The scholarship judges are looking at the project based on creativity, benefits of the volunteering, and the outcome of the project. It’s important for the person who is nominating the student to know the following information about the nominee: Including full name, address, age, birth date, phone number, and current grade in school. The nominator will also need to know the following information about the project: Including items collected, money raised, time spent, number of people affected, outcome of the project, and general project description. Other important rules include that the person benefiting from the service cannot be a family member and must be documented in detail. The deadline has not yet been announced for 2011. More than 2,100 kids will win more than $410,000 in scholarships and prizes. Will you be one of them?

The Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholarship

When looking for a high paying scholarship, the Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholarship is one that should be kept in mind. This scholarship awards its recipient with $4,500 if they choose to go to school that is in state or $7,200 if they choose to attend an out of state school. 35 recipients will receive the scholarship this year (although, in past years, up to 40 students have received the award). The deadline for application for the award is December 15, 2010. In order to be eligible for the award, a 3.75 GPA and either a 1400 on the SAT or a 31 on the ACT is required. A high ACT and SAT can be attained through studying for the tests. A high enough GPA to meet the requirements may be more difficult to attain if, in previous years, grades had been lower.

The scholarship is awarded only to students who have had much academic success, as well as many leadership roles and accomplishments. The best way to gain leadership is to participate in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities. It is not just about being a part of the group, but also having an outstanding role. Being the president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer of a group shows leadership. Certain clubs and activities may be viewed better in terms of leadership. Participating in an organization such as student government and having a leadership role in the organization will look very good on an application for this award. In order to be eligible for the award, application for the Foundation Fellowship is required.

The recipients of the Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholarship are actually Foundation Fellowship finalists. In order to receive the award, the student must attend the Foundation Fellowship Interview Weekend. The award will not be given to students who do not apply for the Foundation Fellowship or attend the interview weekend. If interested in the Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholarship, there are many things to keep in mind. In order to be eligible, it is important to apply for the Foundation Fellowship and attend the interview weekend if accepted. A high GPA—3.75 –is required. Studying for the SAT or ACT is important in order to receive a high enough score to be eligible for the award. The award of $4,500 will only be given to 35 students. Finally, deadline for the award is December 15.

The Girls Going Places Scholarship

College is a highly beneficial place where young students can learn, excel, and advance in their lives and career-paths. College is filled with its benefits such as new relationships, networking, learning useful information, and getting valuable internships. However, there is one con to attending college, and that is the cost. The majority of people in the country find the cost of college unbearable and a large burden, but one way to ease the burden of the payment of college is finding easy scholarships. One scholarship you may find useful is the Girl’s Going Places Scholarship.

The Girl’s Going Places Scholarship is a scholarship for girls between the ages of 12-18 who have started a business of some sort. If you have begun an entrepreneurial endeavor or hobby of any sort, you may qualify for this scholarship. The people who judge this scholarship look for girls who are dedicated to their community and have begun working towards their financial independence and stability. You must display passion, perserverance, and a commitment to offering a unique and valuable contribution to your customers and community. This scholarship consists of three top prizes and an additional twelve finalists. Girls who won last year’s scholarship include a young woman who began her own teen fashion boutique, a fifteen year old who started her own baked goods business, and a young woman who made organic home-made soaps. The winners come from diverse backgrounds and all present innovative ideas which they are entirely committed to.

While it may seem like this is a tough scholarship to win, all you really need is to be able to demonstrate your dedication, passion, and innovation. The award amount for this scholarship is well worth the effort with the first prize being $10,000, second $5,000, third $3,000 and final 12 $1,000. This award amount is fairly high compared to other scholarships that may only offer as much as $50; so it is certainly worth taking time and effort to apply for. The application process may take a couple of weeks to complete, so give yourself plenty of time. To begin, visit their site and take a look at all the useful information on the site. Then, download the application form, and have someone nominate you. Your nominator can include family members (parents count) and they have to write a 750 recommendation letter explaining why you deserve the scholarship, how you have taken steps towards financial independence, and how you have demonstrated commitment and passion for your community.

You must also include a 250 word personal statement, and it is greatly suggested that you also include other materials relevant to your business or personal success and accomplishments. You want to go above and beyond to show the judges just how accomplished and committed you are. Make sure you send in the scholarship by the deadline, which for the 2011-2012 year is February 28, 2011. If you have already missed this year’s deadline than you can apply again next year (the deadline is usually in February of every new year).