Scholarships For Women

Each fall thousands of young women in America head off to college to fulfill dreams, aspire to make their mark on the world, and gain knowledge and insight on a wide range of topics. Many of these women have benefited from easy scholarships and financial aid. Millions of dollars are awarded each year to these women based off of need, academic merit, community involvement, and area of study to name a few. With growing tuition rates and diminishing opportunities after graduation it is paramount that these women tap into the scholarship game sometimes years before attending a college or university.

Scholarships for women can be available from a plethora of sources. What a scholarship does is provide financial and monetary help through college for women that meet or exceed the standards and expectations that are laid out by the particular scholarship committee. These expectations may range from maintaining a certain grade point average all throughout preparatory school to a certain amount of community volunteer hours to the intention of studying a particular field during college. If a student meets the standards that are laid out by the scholarship then they should no doubt apply for it, regardless of how great the monetary amount is. It is important to reduce your student loan debt as soon as you can, even if that means winning a $50.00 scholarship.

Even though students haven’t even stepped foot into a college classroom they will soon be burdened with student loans. By having scholarships to help with tuition costs they will lessen the blow of paying off their school loans in the long run. If students are willing to put in the time to find scholarships that they qualify for it can really pay off. Literally. Some of the more popular scholarships for women are memorial scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to students that exemplify the traits that were important to the individual whose name bears the scholarship.

One example of a great memorial scholarship for women is The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is for undergraduate women that intend to enter the information technology field and the sciences. More information on this scholarship can be found at . Federal scholarships for women can be easily found as well. These are scholarships that are funded through the federal government. These are widely available and are for the most part awarded based upon financial need. A downside to federal scholarships is that there a so many students applying for them that they may have a hard time obtaining them, but worth the effort nonetheless. A great source for information regarding federal scholarships and Pell Grants is through the Department of Education.

Another great way for women to find scholarships is by knowing what they intend to study when they enter college. Many scholarships for women are available in fields that have been historically dominated by men. These fields include math and sciences, engineering, law enforcement, and the health field. A great source for information on the Society of Women Engineers scholarships can be found here. There are also many opportunities for financial assistance within every community. Local businesses and organizations usually have some sort of scholarship program set up for graduating senior and often times specifically for women. A great example of this can be found in Portland, Oregon and the Rose Festival General Scholarship Fund. Each spring women from the community are chose to represent their high school during the Portland Rose Festival and each young lady is awarded $3,500 to be spent toward their post-secondary education.

There are also many scholarships that are available to women who intend to pursue careers that have usually been influenced by women, like teachers and nurses. Both industries will always be in high demand of qualified workers and there is also no shortage of money in order to train them. Websites like can give guidance to women that intend to pursue a career in the health field. For women that intend to be teachers also has awards specifically for women interested in the field of teaching. Ultimately there is a great amount of money that is out there waiting to be awarded to worthy recipients. By having a greater understanding of what is available to women before they head off to college there is a greater chance that they will benefit financially in the long run. The bottom line is, getting ahead now will get you ahead later on.

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