A scholarship is in other words, a reward obtained by a student for financial aid so that they may be able to complete or further their education. In order to land a scholarship, there are certain criteria set by the donor or founder of the award. The criteria generally reflect the purposes of the donor of the award. Many organizations and other institutions offer a variety of scholarships which can be classified according to their type; whether it is career-based, these scholarships are awarded by the college to pursue the required career, need specific as it is based on the family’s and student’s financial record, Merit- based, as this is based on the student’s athletic, artistic or academic ability, and student- specific, where the applicant must qualify by either their race, or gender or religion or medical history.

For some scholarships, the recipient may be bound and be required to work for a particular employer for a certain period, after the area of study has been completed. If they do not oblige to the terms of the bond, then they will make a repayment of the sum for the easy scholarship. There are many scholarships available, some of them are heavily weighted giving a full payment of tuition or some may be ‘half’ scholarships. Ass there are many options available for different fields of study and careers, the applicant is limited only to an extent. Some may be eligible to obtain more than one scholarship; others may just be restricted to one. Whatever the choice and reward, the outcomes of a scholarship are beneficial, it eases the burden to an extent or to a great extent, of the recipient and he or she receives honor.

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