Should creativity be taught at college?

Creativity is a fascinating subject and one that deserves a lot of your personal development time. It’s estimated that over 70% of the adult population wouldn’t describe themselves as creative, which is absolutely astonishing. Whilst it’s true that some people are more used to thinking creatively than others (and yes, perhaps it comes more naturally to some people), everyone has the ability to apply creative thinking.

Why is creative thinking important?

Throughout your day to day life, whether you’re in work or at home, you will encounter challenges, some small, some large. How you tackle these challenges will largely depend on your personality and your ability to problem solve. Creative thinkers are able to come up with a range of solutions to any problem. This enables them to choose from more solutions and pick the one best suited to the scenario they are facing. For someone who isn’t as creatively minded, they may only think of one solution and it may not be the most effective.

Should students be educated on creativity?

Given the importance of creative thinking and the numerous benefits it can bring to your life, should people be educated to help them think outside the box?

In our opinion, a course specifically aimed at becoming more creative would be too much. Instead, schools colleges and universities should always be actively encouraging creative thinking through their day to day teaching. Evidence of creativity in homework and assignments should be highly rewarded and those who aren’t as creative should be constantly encouraged.

We also think education authorities should look much closer at companies that specialise in energising and encouraging creativity. By regularly inviting inspirational people (like this guy) or creative leadership companies (like these guys) in, students will learn, be inspired and more likely to practice creativity in their work.

What do you think? Should we be encouraging creativity in our youngsters? Have your say below.

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