The DHS Undergraduate Scholarship Program

The Department of Homeland Security is offering an undergraduate scholarship for 2011. This easy scholarship is available to undergraduate students who do have not earned a bachelors degree before the application deadline. The benefit is $1000 per month over 9 academic months beginning in the fall of 2011 and rewarded a second year for $18,000 total if academic progress is achieved. To qualify for the scholarship, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher on a 4.00 scale. Your field of study must be majoring in a homeland security related field as defined in the eligibility terms. Full time students must be in a sophomore by the end of the application deadline. Any part time applicant must have 60 to 75 quarter hours to qualify to apply for the scholarship.

Recipients of the scholarship must attend the 2011 Fall Career Development Conference and participate in a 10 week internship in 2012 or upon completion of your degree or you will be found ineligible. In addition to the $1000 / month for 9 months during the academic year, the summer internship lasting 10 weeks will be compensated at a rate of $5000. The 10 week program is intended to fulfill off-campus research as an intern at the Department of Homeland Security or a Department of Homeland Security affiliated facility. In addition to the internship, full time service is required in a Homeland Security approved field. This can be via a paid employment you arrange or from volunteer work. This requirement is to be fulfilled upon your own accord (you must find the job yourself). This requirement can be broken into two (2) six month periods at no more than 2 locations. This program is only available to U.S. Citizens attending a accredited college or university located in the United States.

Upon accepting this scholarship you cannot accept any other federal scholarships, fellowships or grants during this appointment. You are allowed to accept educational benefits as needed and approved by the Department of Homeland Security as provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs. The deadline to submit your online application is Midnight January 5, 2011. You must respond to a list of questions that will help determine your eligibility to apply for a DHS scholarship. The completion of this survey will give you access to the application. With your application you should include official records stating your SAT or ACT test scores, your academic transcripts, reference reports from your professors, and 3 essays. The essay topic details are outlined online and cover: Research Experience, Current Research Interest and Homeland Security Service.

The essays should relate to the Department of Homeland Security and help the review panel composed of engineers and scientists determine the best fit applicants. The applications will be ranked by the panel and the highest ranking applications will then be reviewed for final selection of the scholarships. Your submission is to include all essay questions required. You need to submit two online reference report forms within one week by January 12, 2011. You must also submit a copy of your birth certificate by January 12, 2011 if you do not have an a current U.S. Passport. Any supporting documentation for test scores must be certified. Any documentation in excess of allowed limits will not be considered received and will not be used as part of your application. Any questions can be directed via email to: before Midnight January 5, 2011. For reference:

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