The Girls Going Places Scholarship

College is a highly beneficial place where young students can learn, excel, and advance in their lives and career-paths. College is filled with its benefits such as new relationships, networking, learning useful information, and getting valuable internships. However, there is one con to attending college, and that is the cost. The majority of people in the country find the cost of college unbearable and a large burden, but one way to ease the burden of the payment of college is finding easy scholarships. One scholarship you may find useful is the Girl’s Going Places Scholarship.

The Girl’s Going Places Scholarship is a scholarship for girls between the ages of 12-18 who have started a business of some sort. If you have begun an entrepreneurial endeavor or hobby of any sort, you may qualify for this scholarship. The people who judge this scholarship look for girls who are dedicated to their community and have begun working towards their financial independence and stability. You must display passion, perserverance, and a commitment to offering a unique and valuable contribution to your customers and community. This scholarship consists of three top prizes and an additional twelve finalists. Girls who won last year’s scholarship include a young woman who began her own teen fashion boutique, a fifteen year old who started her own baked goods business, and a young woman who made organic home-made soaps. The winners come from diverse backgrounds and all present innovative ideas which they are entirely committed to.

While it may seem like this is a tough scholarship to win, all you really need is to be able to demonstrate your dedication, passion, and innovation. The award amount for this scholarship is well worth the effort with the first prize being $10,000, second $5,000, third $3,000 and final 12 $1,000. This award amount is fairly high compared to other scholarships that may only offer as much as $50; so it is certainly worth taking time and effort to apply for. The application process may take a couple of weeks to complete, so give yourself plenty of time. To begin, visit their site and take a look at all the useful information on the site. Then, download the application form, and have someone nominate you. Your nominator can include family members (parents count) and they have to write a 750 recommendation letter explaining why you deserve the scholarship, how you have taken steps towards financial independence, and how you have demonstrated commitment and passion for your community.

You must also include a 250 word personal statement, and it is greatly suggested that you also include other materials relevant to your business or personal success and accomplishments. You want to go above and beyond to show the judges just how accomplished and committed you are. Make sure you send in the scholarship by the deadline, which for the 2011-2012 year is February 28, 2011. If you have already missed this year’s deadline than you can apply again next year (the deadline is usually in February of every new year).

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