The Provost Scholarship

The Provost Scholarship at UB is a prestigious academic scholarship available to any students that apply and are accepted into the University at Buffalo, a State University of New York school. The Provost Scholarship starts at $2,500 dollars, based on academic record, and is paid once a year, for four years. You can qualify for it through academic record, or talent for performing arts. In order to qualify, you must have a minimum 90 average in high school, and a combined reading and math SAT score of 1200 (or equivalent ACT score). The average person that gets this easy scholarship has an average of 93 in high school, and a SAT score of 1280 (or equivalent ACT score).

This is available to any new freshman that are coming into the school from high school, and does not require you to apply separately. You are automatically entered for the scholarship by applying. In order to be considered though, you must apply to University at Buffalo by December 1st and have all your forms in by December 31st. In order to be entered for the scholarship, if you are trying to get it for the performing or creative arts however, you must do a show case for a University at Buffalo committee or rater. The best way to help your odds of getting the scholarship are to get good letters of recommendations, and try your best to get the highest grades possible in high school. A lot of students going into University at Buffalo have the credentials to get into the scholarship, but do not, because they get beat out by other people who have really good strong letters of recommendations from doctors and teachers and other prestigious professionals. The website that gives all the information regarding the scholarship is That is the official University of Buffalo website, and that is the web page for scholarships that are available among the school, with the Provost Scholarship being the most often awarded scholarship.

It is at University at Buffalo, and not a State University of New York scholarship, but rather just a scholarship confined to that one school. Scholarship notices are sent in March. They are included in your acceptance letter if you are indeed accepted into University at Buffalo. University at Buffalo, in late February, and throughout the month of March, sends out their acceptance letters for applicants around the country. The application process is rolling admission however, so you will get your letter earlier or later based on when you applied and finished handing in all your needed material. When you get your letter, if you are accepted, on the letter will be a statement telling you if you got the scholarship, and how much the amount you will be awarded is.

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