The Stop Hunger Scholarship

The stop hunger scholarship is given out by the Sodexo foundation and can be found on According to Sodexo 49 million people are at risk of hunger and 17 million of them are children. Sodexo is looking for people who have made a significant difference in the past to stop hunger. To qualify for this scholarship you need to have had ongoing commitment and worked unpaid in the last twelve months, an applicant will have a better chance of receiving this scholarship if they have been working toward stopping childhood hunger, but all forms will be accepted. This has to be a voluntary service and you cannot be helping family members out, you need to be helping those you do not know.

You must be at least 21 years of age, and you cannot be a parent filling this out for your child, and you cannot be an employee of Sodexo. You will need to have a community service recommendation filled out by the program that you are working for and this needs to be turned in by February 25st 2011 This scholarship is worth $5000.00, you need to make sure you fill out the form completely; any forms filled out with missing information will be tossed and will not be considered for this scholarship. Each student who received this scholarship will also receive a grant for $5000.00 that will go to a hunger related charity of their choice. If you are not chosen for this scholarship, you have the chance to win a regional prize which is $1000.00 grant that will go to a hunger related charity of your choice.

To apply for this scholarship you need to go to Sodexo’s website and fill out all the necessary information, also making sure you have the recommendation from the program that you have been working for. They recommend that you keep a copy for yourself for records that you have filled this out if there are any questions that come from this. All applications must be turned in by February 18th 2011 and you need your community recommendations in by February 25th 2011, they will not accept any late applications or recommendations.

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