The Voice of Democracy Scholarship

The Voice of Democracy Scholarship that is awarded by the Veterans of Foreign Wars is a much sought after scholarship for eligible students who are interested in higher education. A scholarship is an award of financial assistance for a college level student to help with the costs of tuition. Easy scholarships are awarded on various criteria that usually reflect the values and purposes of the provider of the award. In this case, the Veterans of Foreign Wars have established a selection criterion which involves a written essay with a particular theme.

The theme, “Is There Pride in Serving in Our Military?” is one that is certainly reflective of the values that held in high regard by the VFW. The essay is required to be supported by an audio recording of the essay which is read by the student. Although a specific length for the essay is not established, the audio recording is required to be 3-5 minutes. The overall national first place winner will receive $30,000 paid directly to his or her university, college or vocational or technical school, provided that it is an American school. Other scholarships range from $1,000- $16,000 and each state will have an individual statewide winner. Each VFW Department will win an all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C., as well.

Students who are in grades 9 through 12, in any public or private school, or even home study program anywhere in the United States are eligible for The Voice of Democracy Scholarship. Students should create their first draft using the theme stated above and make a corresponding recording. Entries can be taken to a local VFW post no later than November 1, 2011. Judgments will be based on originality, content, clarity and organization and delivery. Audio recordings should be spoken in a clear and credible manner. Every year, about 51,000 high school students from all across the United States and its territories enter to win a portion of the over $2,000,000 in educational scholarships and financial awards that are granted through the VFW’s Voice of Democracy Scholarship essay competition. Because they feel that a democratic society needs nurturing, the Veterans of Foreign Wars established the Voice of Democracy program (VOD) in 1947 to provide students grades 9-12 the opportunity to express themselves in regards to democratic ideas and principles.

Because this scholarship is not based on race, religion, financial status, or even academics, it is a truly merit based scholarship that allows any person from any background to compete for its benefits and awards. VFW views the award as an opportunity to help local communities further the education of its members, in order to ensure the security and safety of our communities and our nation. That really comes as no surprise at all does it? After all, that’s what they’ve always done isn’t it?

Scholarship Resource: VFW Website

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