Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed scholarships can be described as a scholarship that nobody has gotten. An unclaimed scholarship provides money to help a student get through college. These easy scholarships vary in monetary value from small $500 dollar scholarships to large $10,000 scholarships or even more. For people without a large source of income or a lot of help getting through college, going after unclaimed scholarships can often times be the answer.

One unclaimed scholarship is the left handed scholarship. Just like the name implies, this scholarship is only available for left handed students. Juniata College in Pennsylvania has a scholarship that awards students $1,500 dollars just for being left handed. Only ten percent of people in the world are left handed, and this college views it as a handicap worth giving a scholarship for. This scholarship is easy to receive because no added work is needed in a person’s life; they just need to be left handed. The only way a person can apply for this scholarship is to request a left handed scholarship application form at the college, and then proving they are left handed.

Another unclaimed scholarship that’s there for the taking happens to be in a more of competitive a way. Doodle 4 Google allows kids from kindergarten up to twelfth grade to draw what they plan on doing for their career. After submitting their drawings a handful of winners receive $15,000 dollars towards their college tuition among several other prizes, including a trip to Google’s office complex, and a new laptop.

A third unclaimed scholarship is the George Mitchell scholarship. By writing a 1,000 word paper on both academic achievements and service and leadership throughout the community, application is allowed for this scholarship. There is no minimum GPA for this scholarship, but excellence in academics is expected from the receiver of the scholarship. This scholarship can be applied for at http://us-irelandalliance.org/mitchellscholarships/.

A fourth unclaimed scholarship that is available is the Hispanic scholarship. These scholarships are again, exactly what they sound like. A person applying for one of these scholarships must be of Hispanic descent. The scholarship was set in place to help eliminate barriers for any Hispanic students to get a college education. This is another very easy scholarship to receive because people don’t need any skills at all to get the scholarship, they simply must be Hispanic. Application for this scholarship can be found at https://apply.hsf.net/applications/.

The last unclaimed scholarship is the Siemens Westinghouse Competition. Like the Doodle 4 Google scholarships give away, the Siemens Westinghouse Competition is a competitive way to get a scholarship. In this competition, the brightest high school minds are put to work as they figure out problems in math, science, and even technology. This scholarship takes a lot of skill to receive, but is available for anyone who puts their mind to the task of being one of the smartest high school students in the nation. The scholarships that are available range anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000 dollars. To find more information about this array of scholarships and how to apply, go to http://www.siemens-foundation.org/en/competition.htm.

There are many scholarships that go unclaimed every year. Some scholarships may seem extremely weird, such as a duck calling competition, bagpipe competition, or even a competition in which people try to make the best clothes possible out of nothing more than a roll of duct tape. Yes, these scholarships may sound weird, but the truth is that they can help someone get through college as long as the person is willing to compete and go after the scholarships themselves, otherwise they will remain unclaimed, possibly for someone else. For people without a large source of income or a lot of help getting through college, going after unclaimed scholarships can often times be the answer. Good luck!

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