Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students in Netherlands


Each year, the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship offers a number of highly talented students from non-EU/EEA countries to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a selected number of fields at Utrecht University.

Scholarship provided by : Utrecht Excellence Scholarship Fund
Institution(s): Utrecht University, Netherlands

Scholarship Subjects:
International Bachelor’s programmes: Economics and Business Economics, Liberal Arts & Sciences at University College Utrecht .
International Master’s programmes : 1)Mathematical Sciences,2) Biomolecular Sciences , 3)Cancer Genomics and Developmental Biology ,4) Chemistry and Physics , 5)Cognitive Neuroscience , 6)Drug Innovation , 7)Epidemiology , 8)Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience ,9) Human Geography and Planning , 10) Legal Studies ,11) Linguistics: the Study of the Language Faculty , 12)Medieval Studies , 13) Migration, 14)Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism ,15) Sociology and Social Research , 16)Sustainable Development, 17)Theoretical Physics

Scholarship Award : Max. tuition fee + 11.000 euro living expenses per year
Number of scholarships/year: Approximately 55

Eligible for Scholarship:
The applicant must meet the eligibility criteria in order to be considered for this scholarship. The applicant should:
• Not have the Dutch or an EU/EEA nationality;
• Hold a non-Dutch secondary school diploma;
• Have been admitted to an International Master’s programme within one of the Graduate Schools mentioned above, the Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics or to University College Utrecht;
• Hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree (for a Master’s programme) or secondary school diploma (for a Bachelor’s programme), or an equivalent thereof;
• Be able to comply with the conditions to obtain a Dutch visa;
Failure to meet one or more of these criteria automatically means the student is not eligible for this scholarship.

Selection criteria :
Eligible candidates are selected for a scholarship on the basis of the following criteria:
1. Their academic excellence and promise in the proposed field of study;
2. The academic quality and results of the preceding education, as evidenced, for example, by grades, test scores, publications, letters of recommendation;
3. The quality and relevance of the motivation letter (academic content, intercultural and communication skills, personal motivation);
4. The quality and feasibility of the financial plan in the application;
5. The quality of the application itself (completeness, accuracy, consistency).
Application Overview :
It is not possible to apply directly for the scholarship, but when you apply for admission to the programme of your choice, you can indicate whether you wish to be considered for this scholarship. The selection committees will review the application files for possible nominees.

Application Deadline: Prospective Bachelor’s students in Economics and Business Economics who wish to be considered for the scholarship should apply for admission before 1 April every year.

Prospective Master’s students who wish to be considered for the scholarship should apply for admission before 1 December every year.
Website/Links: http://www.uu.nl/masters/en/general-information/international-students/financial-matters/grants-and-scholarships/utrecht

Utrecht University
P.O Box 80125, 3508 TC Utrecht, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 253 70 0 ,Fax:+ 31 30 253 26

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