Various Athletic Scholarships

There are many good athletes in professional and college sports today. Some of the biggest names in sports are Brett Farve, Kobe Bryant, Eli Manning and so on. Now, imagine if all of those players never made it to the pros. What would happen to professional sports? Why are they in the pros now? To make it into professional sports you need more than just talent. You need opportunity. Athletic scholarships not only give athletes the opportunity to reach the professional ranks, but also give the chance for many players to earn a degree in higher education. Many people dream of being a professional athlete. Some people make it a reality, but how? There is always a process to reach certain goals.

When people think of the process on how to achieve a professional sporting status, people think of doing well in high school first, then earning a college scholarship to give them an edge. After the college status has been achieved, they are ready to take the last step of faith and enter a draft Could they have done it without going to college first? Maybe so but we may never know. Think of it this way, when baking a cake all the ingredients must be put together, then it must be baked. After it’s done baking, the final product is a delicious cake. The cake can’t be complete without it being baked. There can not be a missed step in the process. Could Kobe Bryant have made it to the pros without an athletic scholarship?

An athletic scholarship is a giant step. Along with college scholarships being a step to making it into professional sports, it is also many times the only way for some people to earn a college degree. College is very expensive and can many times run young adults into a large debt once out of college. For example, USC can cost up to $25,000 a year to attend. That includes tuition, books, parking, room, and board. This cost is just too much for most families to bear, making it difficult to get a college education without at least some type of scholarship.

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